Play Classical Carrom Borad Game Online

Prepare yourself to play your favorite classic carom game at In this free online carom board game you will be playing against your computer genius. So think strategically to outsmart your pc and score high points.
Carrom Board Game is played on the board using uniform, small disks called carom men, also called coins or seeds. They come in nine black, nine white and one red, which is called the Queen, and a flat larger, heavier disc called the Striker, used to pot the coins. The object of the game is to pocket all of one's nine coins before the opponents. The queen is the most powerful coin and is placed at the center of the circle. The player who pockets the queen has to follow it by pocketing a coin of their own. One who completes first wins the game.

The origin of the game is traced to India where other board games like chess also originated. Online carrom board game is also equally interesting where you can with another player or the computer. Free carrom board game is available online.

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